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Deanna de Castro

Deanna de Castro, our July Volunteer of the Month!

Celebrating Volunteer Deanna de Castro!

Deanna de Castro started volunteering at Coyote Creek Field Station as a Patroller in June of 2011. She moved on to the position of Extractor and is now in training to be a CCFS Bander. She has also collaborated with SFBBO for her graduate research at California State University, East Bay. Her research will examine mercury levels in Common Yellowthroats and the potential effects on an individual’s quality and condition. Deanna has been banding and taking blood samples of Common Yellowthroats in conjunction with our study of Santa Clara County’s Common Yellowthroat subspecies. This has provided many enjoyable opportunities to work at interesting field sites in the South Bay and meet members of our partner organizations.

Deanna likes the unique opportunity to experience birds in the hand that is offered through volunteering at CCFS. She shares that she loves volunteering because “the little bit of data I collect each time I'm at CCFS adds to this amazing 30-year data set that can be used by the scientific community. Knowing that my contribution can be used to better conserve bird species and the environment gives me great satisfaction.” SFBBO thanks Deanna for her contributions to avian conservation…we hope she will be a volunteer with our organization for many years to come!