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Monthly Banding Report-
Coyote Creek Field Station

July 2014

We processed 189 birds of 14 species in May; 92 were newly banded, and 97 were recaptures. We opened our nets on 13 days, with our volunteers donating 247.5 hours of their time.

In July, we didn’t capture any new species for 2014. July is typically a slow month at CCFS; spring migration is over, the breeding season is winding down, and fall migration has yet to begin. Our capture rates are relatively stable from year to year; since 2002, our average capture rate is just about 25 +/- 5 birds per 100 net hours. August, while having an average capture rate just a feather higher than July, at 26 birds per 100 net hours, has a much higher variance (+/- 8 birds per 100 net hours). Occasionally, we will have an early migration, and see large numbers of migrants move through early. Other years will be slower, and most migrants won’t show up until September. This summer’s capture rates have been mostly below average, but we could still get an early fall migration.

Our most common July captures were Song Sparrow (49), Bewick’s Wren (29), House Finch (28), Bushtit (22), and Common Yellowthroat (21). We caught only a single individual of the following species: Lesser Goldfinch.

Annual capture rates for the month of July, 2002 - 2014. Capture rate is the number of birds captured per 100 net-hours, where a net-hour is 1 net open for 1 hour. This July had the 5th lowest capture rate for any July since 2002.