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(left to right) Mixed shorebird flock: Les Chibana; Song Sparrow, Black Phoebe, Marsh Wren: Garrett Lau.

Landbird Program

The Landbird Program studies the association of landbirds with their habitats from grasslands to oak woodlands to riparian corridors, and strives to monitor the health of Bay Area ecosystems while learning about the complex processes of avian lifecycle. Using behavioral observation and fieldwork to drive statistical modeling and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, information from the local avian community allows us to better understand the Bay Area from a regional perspective.


Landbird Projects

Coyote Creek Field Station

Bird Response to Urban Riparian Restoration
Avian Response to Grassland Fires


Why Band Birds?
A Banding Slide Show
Recaptured Birds
Coyote Creek Bird List (pdf)

Monthly Banding Report