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California Gull Research and Monitoring Program

Snowy Plover Recovery Program

Science and Habitats Programs


The San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory works to achieve viable endemic bird populations that are diverse, rich, and abundant and supported by a mosaic of preserved and restored habitats.

We use science to heighten awareness in policymakers and Bay Area residents of the beauty, biodiversity, and sensitivity of our local ecosystem. Through our new Habitats Program, we work to determine methods to restore and manage the ecotone - the upland transition zone between a tidal marsh and upland habitats to provide refugia and cover for species like the endangered California Clapper Rail.
Critical scientific information provided through our Science and Habitats Programs informs land management decisions in the Bay Area.

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Coyote Creek Field Station
Avian Response to Grassland Fires
Avian Disease Prevention
Avian Use of Salt Ponds
Colonial Waterbird Monitoring
California Gull Research and Monitoring
San Francisco Bay Shorebird Survey
Snowy Plover Recovery
Habitat Restoration and Management
Hermit Thrush Geolocator Study
Operation Feather Quest