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Bay Bird Review Writers' Guidelines

The Bay Bird Review is a forum for the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory's current research and activities, as well as for our project partners collaborating on avian science research projects. We examine the Bay Area's rich and diverse bird life through a wide range of voices from biologists to citizen scientists to birders and naturalists.

We welcome submissions for the following recurring sections:

Science Feature: A scientific report on current avian science research either as an overview/background to a project or a focused piece on a specific aspect of the project. "Science Features" can include tables, graphs, and other statistics, but should be readable for the general public. (1000 - 1500 words)

Field Log: Observations from recent fieldwork by Bird Observatory volunteers and interns. "Field Logs" can highlight a specific study site or birding location and the writer's personal observations on the natural processes or field techniques taking place on that particular day or period. (500 - 1000 words)

Commentary: Firsthand viewpoint of biologists, Bay Area residents, and members of the Bay Area birding and science communities. "Commentaries" can respond to local avian science developments, local conservation and wildlife management issues, or global avian issues that affect the Bay Area region.

Other Guidelines

Audience: Bay Area birders, naturalists, ornithologists, and resource and wildlife managers.

Art: Please let us know what photos, graphs, or maps are available. Digital photos are best. Images can be emailed as a JPG file, must be high resolution (300 DPI or greater). Be sure to provide credits and captions. If permission from the photographer or subject has not been obtained, please also provide contact information to obtain needed permissions.

Biography: We ask that authors submit a brief one-sentence bio with their article.

Pay: We are sorry that we do not have a budget to pay authors or photographers at this time.

Please submit articles to the Outreach Specialist at least 5 weeks before the start of a quarter. Please contact the Outreach Specialist for specific newsletter deadlines (usually the last week of January, April, July, and October).